Changing the title of the form with a given

Is it possible to add inside the title of the form a data that would have been entered or collected in the form.
Ex: the title is “request n °”, when creating the applicant entered the number of the company and for further validations, the title is “request n ° 5 so8547”.

Hi @Bertrand,

The label next to “Request #” has an ID of CURRENT_REQUEST.

So in code behind, you can use:
CURRENT_REQUEST.Text = “so8547”;

This will display Request #so8547


Hello Eddy,
Actually I would also like to keep the ID.
I would like to display Request # ID + (data entered in the form).

at the same time, I try to include in the mail object a value entered in a form data. I found the default mail template which is “NOTIFY_ASSIGN_TEMPLATE” but I do not see how to add my data “CODE_SU” as a result of


I found how to integrate my data in the title of the mail by adding “<WF_PROCESS_INST_RELDATA_VALUE.DEMANDE_INITIALE_CODE_SU>” in a personalized mail.