Process Remote launch with custom authentication module?


We’re using a custom HTTP module for HTTP authentication. However, we’re interested in using URL integration. In the Integration Using WorkflowGen URLs section in the WorkflowGen Integration Guide, we found:

“To enforce the appropriate security in WorkflowGen, these URL launches require users to authenticate themselves and therefore work best with Integrated Authentication.”

How is this done? Do you have any suggestions on how to do this?

The reason I’m asking about this is because we’re interested in using the RemoteLaunch service, which uses URL integration to launch the initial request. In order to use this, we’d need to somehow get around the security that IIS is applying to the URL and then launch the request using some other username.


The process remote launch will work fine with custom HTTP authentication. It’s like Basic IIS authentication in that when you call the URL to start a new request in WorkflowGen, you’ll need to provide a service account username and password, which must be an active user in WorkflowGen and also part of the Requester participant of the process that you want to launch.

This service account will be the requester of the new request, unless you want to impersonate another WorkflowGen user (e.g. to launch a new request on behalf of another user) by specifying the username in the REQUESTER_USERNAME parameter of the process remote launch URL.

For more information, see the How to launch a process from another web application or web page article and the WorkflowGen Integration Guide.