Setup: Authentication: Public web forms

You might need to allow “anonymous” users (from a public website) to submit WorkflowGen web forms.

If your WorkflowGen web server is available via the Internet, one solution is to use a custom HTTP module.

  1. Provide anonymous users with a direct link to initiate a request:

    (ReplaceYOURPROCESSNAME and with your own values.)

  2. Configure WorkflowGen to use a custom HTTP module (see Custom Authentication in the WorkflowGen Integration Guide.

Your custom HTTP module will handle WorkflowGen authentication as follows:

  1. The module detects if the current session is from an anonymous user.

  2. If YES, it maps the current session to a valid user account in WorkflowGen (e.g. GUEST)

  3. It creates the authentication cookie.

Note: GUEST must be a requester of the process you want to initiate.

How can use this feature with session mode

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Rami Tobasi

The module detects if the current session is from an anonymous user.

How exactly can you do that? Can we have an example? The http module for custom authentication will receive all http requests GET and POST. WorkflowGen redirects forms all the time and not to consider the header and footer.

I tried to make it work unsuccessfully, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I was finally able to do it using cookies to store when a user is anonymous

Hi @ParadimeWeb,

Thank you for the update - You can also check this sample code on how to implement a custom HTTP module: