Possible to have a System assigned action call .Net code (using Workflow Gen editor)?


In my process there are two participant assigned actions that lead to a Sync step before closing a completed request. Is it possible after the Sync step to have a System assigned action step that would execute .Net code? I have the on submit code working to create a custom PDF when one of the last two participant assigned steps is completed but really need this to happen between the Sync and end point steps.




Hi @james

Yes definitely:

1 - You can create your own C# class library that contains the .NET code to be executed (It is preferable that the method executed returns a string indicating whether the execution was a success or a failure)
2- Build the solution and copy the SOLUTION_NAME.DLL file generated to the \wfgen\bin folder.
3- Create a new Application type Assembly in the Administration module
4- In the section Assembly full name or path:, simply indicate the SOLUTION_NAME so that the system can identify the desired DLL located in the \wfgen\bin folder. Once identified, you can indicate the class, the method, then save the settings to create your new application.
5- Use that new application after the desired sync step.

Let me know if this helps.




I will try that.

Thank you,



I am beginning to try out your suggestion. I am curious though since there is already a function in my process’ .Net code that is currently working for an on submit event, is it possible to just have a dll just call that function (instead of copying over my code and rewriting it to work in a new dll)?