My MS SQL Server appears to be running slowly - Check if some database table indexes are missing


Some database table indexes could be missing when WorkflowGen was installed using the InstallShield pack of version 5.5.1 or earlier on a MS SQL Server database.


  • The issue concerns a MS SQL Server database with the InstallShield pack of WorkflowGen 5.5.1 and earlier only.
  • Oracle database is not affected.
  • It is not necessary to check the missing table indexes if you have created the WorkflowGen database manually, installed the version 5.5.2 or upgraded to version 5.5.2 by applying theUpdate_WFG-V5-5-2.sql script.


  • Download and run the fix (SQL update script) on your WorkflowGen database in SQL Server Management Studio.

  • Patch for WorkflowGen version 5.5.1 and earlier : Download from here