Is there a limit on number of days for an overdue notification

I am developing a process that has an action with a lead time set to a date field on the form. The notification is supposed to go out to the requester one week after the date field set on the form. Here’s the condition I set for the overdue notification:


In testing the overdue notifications I also set conditions at 1 day and 2 days overdue. Those notifications were sent but the notification with the condition of 7 days was not. Is there a limit on number of days for an overdue notification?

I’m also thinking that there could be some activity on our SMTP server that might be interfering with the email going out.

Hi Joanne,

The lead time also takes into account the business days. So if Saturday and Sunday are days off, then you need to wait 2 extra days for the notification to be sent.

If that is not the case or if it’s actually a problem with your SMTP, please open a ticket in our Helpdesk site so we can investigate.


No the lead time isn’t not taking business days into account. I’m doing one more test that should send out a notification next week. if it does not i will put in a ticket.

Hi Eddy, I don’t believe that the issue is with the email server as overdue notices are being sent out on processes where the lead time is set on number of days.setlimitdays

The lead time on the process that the notifications are not being sent out is set on a process data. setlimitdate

The data format is date/time. The lead time is getting set, as I can see the request is over due in the portal. this is the first time that I have been asked to configure notifications to be sent x number of days after a process data date has passed.

The notifications are not going out. I do not see evidence of their being sent. I have checked the server log and the WorkflowGen error logs, and I see nothing. Should I put in a ticket?

Just to update this thread - After investigating the issue, we found out that the condition was not properly set.

Here is how the DateDiff function works:

DateDiff(“d”,<WF_SYSTEM_DATETIME>,<WF_ACTIVITY_INST_LIMIT_DATETIME>) will always be negative since the fromDate > toDate. Which is why the condition is never reached and the notification is never sent.

What needs to be done is switching the 2 parameters:

Or alternatively: