Is it possible to search requests by attachment content?

Hi @eddy.daouk,

Is it possible to find some request in Search based on the information (key words) provided in the attachment (that can be for example word or excel document)?

Thank you!

Hi @marinam,

WorkflowGen does not provide a feature to search for keywords inside documents/attachments.

One solution would be to implement a custom application in the process that reads those documents and store the content in a process data. This way you can search using the “Contains” operator and find all the requests that contain a keyword in that data.


Thank you @eddy.daouk.
Could you please provide some additional info:

  • What is the custom application that can be used for this purpose?
  • Is there any WFG documentation I can use to help me to implement that custom application?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @marinam,

Here is the documentation that contains building custom workflow applications:

The custom application should expect a file to be passed to it as a parameter, then it will read that file and export its content into a string, you can then export the value of that string into a process data.
Then you can use that process data to search for some text inside the file.

If you require support for the development of that application, I recommend you opening an assistance ticket in the Helpdesk system.


Hi @eddy.daouk ,
I will certainly need help with this custom workflow applications.
It looks like I don’t have permission to open any ticket in
Could you provide me access to the appropriate process?
Thank you!

Hi @eddy.daouk ,

One additional question: what custom application should we use for this feature?
Looking at the documentation you provided, there are many custom applications.

Thank you,

Hi @marinam,

The custom application needs to be created by you. It is not a built in feature in WorkflowGen.

In summary, you can do the following:
1- Create a custom C# Library project in Visual Studio (or any other IDE that supports .NET) that will contain your code. Your code should have a method that looks like the following:

public string convertDocumentToText(File file){
//your code
return generatedString;

2- Once you build the project, it should generate a dll file. Let’s say you call it MyCode.dll, copy it in the “wfgen/bin” folder.

3- In WorkflowGen’s Admin Module, go to the Applications page and create a new Application using the Assembly type and put the name of the dll (“MyCode” in this case) in the Assembly full name or path field. WorkflowGen will then recognize the class and methods in this dll, just select the appropriate ones.

4- Use that newly created custom application in your workflow and you should then be able to send a file to the application and it will return you the generated string.

This solution requires technical skills in C# development. Feel free to contact the team if you need assistance.


@eddy.daouk Thank you for this very helpful information. We will contact you if our company decides to develop this feature.