Incoming Webhooks how to pass datetime?

I give a try to the new Webhook API introduced by WFG 7.0

To do so, I build a simple workflow with 2 actions and 2 IN datas. One in plain text, the other one as DateTime.

When I use the sample JSON code, it works fine for the text data, but the dateTime data is not populated.

Here is the Json I used:

	"operation": "createRequest",
	"args": {
	"input": {
		"processName": "ESSAI_WEBHOOKS",
		"processVersion": 1,
		"inTest": true,
		"parameters": [
				"name": "DEMANDE_SUJET",
				"direction": "IN",
				"type": "TEXT",
				"textValue": "Mon sujet de test"
				"name": "DEMANDE_DATE",
				"direction": "IN",
				"type": "DATETIME",
				"textValue": "2017-02-13T15:00:00Z"

So, why is my date vale is not populated into my workflow ??? Do I new to use another key name than “textValue” ? If yes, what keyname ? and where can I find all the available key/pairs to use in the JSON objects ?


The dateTime data requires the attribute “DateTimeValue” instead of “TextValue”.
An example is shown in this document:

Hope this helps,

Thanks. Excactly what I need