I am getting an HTTP 405 “Method not allowed” error when the request is starting a Web Service workflow action


I am getting an HTTP 405 Method not allowed error when the request is starting a Web Service workflow action such as the RaiseException or XmlToDatabase applications.


A possible cause is your server host name (DNS)may contain an unsupported character as described in the IETF RFC 1123 rules (http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc1123.txt).

  1. Ref: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/318380

405 Method not allowed. This error can occur when a client sends an HTTP request to the server that is running IIS, and the request contains an HTTP verb that the server does not recognize. To resolve the issue, make sure that the clients request uses an HTTP verb that is compliant with the HTTP rfc. See the References section for information about the HTTP rfc.

  1. Ref: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/909264

DNS computer names can contain only alphabetical characters (A-Z), numeric characters (0-9), the minus sign (-), and the period (.). Period characters are allowed only when they are used to delimit the components of domain style names.

DNS host names cannot contain the following characters:

  • comma (,)
  • tilde (~)
  • colon (:)
  • exclamation point (!)
  • at sign (@)
  • number sign (#)
  • dollar sign ($)
  • percent (%)
  • caret (^)
  • ampersand (&)
  • apostrophe (')
  • period (.)
  • parentheses (())
  • braces ({})
  • underscore (_)


Verify if your server host name does not contain any of the unsupported characters listed above. Rename your server if necessary.