How to show picture in workflowgen

I would like to add some picture in a workflow, and display them, not display as attachments. How to do that? Thank you in advance. I see there is an Image box can be used for, and don’t know how to use it, how to set Image URL if user(not developer) wants to upload some picture.

You need 2 objects on your screen : an image and a text box.

In text box, you will enter the http address of your image. You have to configure you text box like this :

And in code, you should have something like this :

protected void ChangeImage(object sender, EventArgs e)

Be sure that you can have access to the image adress from your computeur but it should work. (it works on my test workflow).

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Hello Nvarlet,
Thanks for your quick answer, It works.

  If I have an attachment box and uploaded a picture, 
  How to get the IMAGE_URL from the attachment box?  
  I see the code with <Javascript> for the property "href" of the lable <a>.
 The function is, when someone upload a picture(.png,  .jpg) to the attachment box, the image box display it.


Hello @Hanks_WANG .

I added an answer to one of your more recent post (it exists an standard function to display a image from a link).

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thanks a lot @Nvarlet.