How to merge Form Data from multi instance of an action

I have a simple workflow :
→ Action 1 / Section 1 : request description. Only section 1 is displayed.
→ Action 2 / Section 2 : validation by 1 to 10 persons (the number of persons is dynamic and depends on the initial request). Section 1 is in read only. Action 2 assignment method is “one action assigned by user”.
→ Synchronisation bar to wait for every validator
→ Action 3 / Section 3 : view of “multi” action2 validations + can add a comment. This action is sent to the requester.

My goal :
In action 3, I want the requester to see all validations. If there are 3 validators, he has to see 3 “section 2”, if there are only 1 validator, the requestor has to see only 1 section 2.

I don’t know how to do that.
I thought about duplicating SECTION2 10 times and displaying it dynamically but this solution doesn’t seem really “clean”.

COPDYDATA and MERGEFORM seem to work only is there are different sections for each validator. In my case, each validator will have the same section to fill. I just want to duplicate these sections in the final result.

Thanks in advance for your help.