How to configure a common datasource for use in multiple WorkflowGen instances


Multiple instances of WorkflowGen can be set up independently from each other (for example, Developer, QA, Production), each with its own master database. When deploying a process that uses global lists or drop-down lists with SQL data binding from one WorkflowGen instance to another, you can define a common datasource for all of them, so that you don’t have to adjust it every time.


Define a custom common connection string in the web.config of each WorkflowGen instance that connects to your master or custom database.


<add name="MyCommonDBSource" connectionString="Data Source=MSSQLSERVER;Initial Catalog=WFGEN;User ID=WFGEN_USER;Password=XYZ;" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

Then, use MyCommonDBSource as the datasource for all of your global lists or drop-down lists with SQL data binding.