How to access multiple FormData content at once?

I have two fields in my workflow:

  1. Dropdown list which is populated (binded) from external database.
  2. Simple textbox

I am creating a grid with list of my requests and actions. I access these values from GraphQL API.
I would like to add an additional column which will contain the selected dropdown value and another one column with input from the textbox, which are stored in the specific FormData.

I know that FormData values are accessible using old Web Service (GetProcessInstanceFormData method) or even directly from XML file (path to dataOUT.xml as far as I know is located in WFDATASET_VALUE table in WFGEN database).

The question is, can I access them without invoking WebService/accessing the XML file for every request listed on my grid?

Hi @hazey,

In GraphQL, you can retrieve the FORM_DATA URLs of all the desired requests with only one invocation. Here is an example:

  requests {
    items {
      dataset(page: {size: 100}, filter: {names: ["FORM_DATA"]}) {
        items {
          fileValue {

You can then use those URLs to retrieve GridView data for each request.

Let me know if this helps.