How do I display a specific date in an email notification (without the time)?


in an HR-Process, I want to inform the process participants, on which day the new employee will come to work. This date is generated in the process. In order to show it in the email noticication I used <WF_PROCESS_INST_RELDATA_VALUE.DATE_FIRST_DAY>.

The format in the email notification is always 6/13/2017 2:00:00 AM.
(it makes no difference whether I use a ‘Date’ or a ‘DateTime’ field in the form)

I want the date to be displayed like 6/13/2017.

Is that possible?
Thank you, regards


Have you tried setting a custom date format at the process data level? There are many standard formats you can choose from. The format setting controls how the data is displayed in the follow-up form’s associated data section in the web and notification versions.

Refer to our administration guide in


thank you for the straight Response. Unfortunately that does not help.
In the follow-up form he format adjusts according to the Setting (e.g. month/day -> May 29). But in the Data displayed in the E-Mail notification it still says -> 5/29/2017 12:00 AM.

Am I missing something here?

Thank you, reagrds

Try creating a format attribute to the date in the form using {0:d}


Are you using an older version of WorkflowGen?
In latest v7.4.0, I am able to control the date format in follow-up form and notification the same way.

See screenshots for example. Notice I have set the format of MY_DATE to Short date.

Process data:

Follow-up form output:

Notification output:

Great! Thank you. Changing the format in the process data didn’t occur to me.
Thanks for the straight help!