Difference between a Web procedure and an Asynchronous Web procedure


Principle of the Web procedures

WorkflowGen calls the Web procedure and waits for the response. Because WorkflowGen is still connected, if the response takes too much time to reply a time out will occur.

   ->    WorkflowGen calls the WebProc.
   ->    The WebProc replies to WorkflowGen.
   ->    WorkflowGen disconnects.

Principle of the Asynchronous Web procedures

WorkflowGen calls the Asynchronous Web procedure but doesn’t wait for the response. WorkflowGen is disconnected. Then the Asynchronous Web procedure will have to recall WorkflowGen after its treatment has completed.

   ->    WorkflowGen calls the Asynchronous WebProc.
   ->    WorkflowGen disconnects.
   ->    The Asynchronous WebProc calls WorkflowGen to complete the action.
   ->    WorkflowGen replies to the Asynchronous WebProc to confirm the completion.
   ->    The Asynchronous WebProc disconnects.