Configuring the WorkflowGen website for Internet Explorer 8 and higher

As of version 5.7.0, the WorkflowGen website must be properly configured to display in Internet Explorer 8 and higher.

Security zone must be set to Local intranet or Trusted site zone. See

Edge mode is required in Internet Explorer 8 and higher to prevent the following issues:

  • In Advanced View, a small rectangle appears over the search result, and the View is not clickable.

  • The code is uneditable in the Form Designer ASP.NET and Field behavior code editors.

  • The condition is uneditable in the workflow condition editor.

Exclude/remove the WorkflowGen website from the Compatibility View list (see and select your version of Internet Explorer from the drop-down menu for instructions on Compatibility View settings).

As of WorkflowGen version 5.7.2, the meta tag <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"> has been added to both \wfgen\default.aspx and \wfgen\admin\default.aspx, which instructs Internet Explorer to render WorkflowGen in Edge mode. You can apply this solution manually if your current version is 5.7.0 or 5.7.1.

For custom web forms that are incompatible with Edge mode, you can define a specific X-UA-Compatible header for each of your custom web forms.

For more information, see and