Configuring custom web forms to work with the latest WorkflowGen.My (3.x) in v6 or v7

To configure custom web forms for .NET 4:

  1. Use WorkflowGen.My.dll in version 3.x.

  2. Use a .NET 4 application pool.

  3. Define or update the following nodes in the web form’s web.config:

            <httpRuntime requestValidationMode="2.0"></httpRuntime>
            <pages validateRequest="false" enableSessionState="true" clientIDMode="AutoID" controlRenderingCompatibilityVersion="3.5"></pages>
  4. If your web form’s authentication mode is configured with the built-in WorkflowGen authentication, then make sure to use the Advantys.My.dll and Advantys.Security.dll files from version 6.x in the web form’s \bin folder.

Note: These instructions apply only to configuring web forms to run properly without configuration errors. They do not cover potential migration or compatibility issues that may arise due to changes in the latest version of WorkflowGen.My. You must fully retest all of your web forms before production.