Condition for a transition crashes with end of line and '/x' and maybe more

I want to add conditions for transitions based on the content of a TextArea.

In the Workflow from the form editor, when i add a condition for a transition in the ‘next actions’ tab i have some issues.

If the data come from a TextArea with somes ‘end of line’ in it OR
If the data contains ‘\x’+ alpha char by example test\xerox (no end of line)
The transition doesn’t work.

In order to be sure i created a new Process ‘Simple Request’ and add a condition on the data from description and add a simple condition where the data is not even use, only assigned to a variable even so the transition doesn’t work.
Look likes it crashes.


if i enter ‘hello world’ all is fine the transition works, but ‘Hello world\x’ doesn’t work.
It’s the same case with text on multiples lines.

We need this for our organization therefore it’s just doing nothing, no error or exceptions threw.

(Maybe some other chars or string may cause the same issue. )


Thanks for the feedback.

Currently, we use the process data “as is” in JavaScript conditions, meaning that characters are not escaped, which can lead to invalid JavaScript - which isn’t getting caught by the syntax checker, as there is no way to verify the integrity of process data (that could be defined at runtime) during the design. As you’ve pointed out, this doesn’t seem very intuitive, and we’ll make changes to properly escape special characters in process data for JavaScript evaluations in a future WFG release.

The current workaround for the backslash issue would be to escape the character string yourself in the process data e.g. test\\xerox. We don’t have a workaround for the EOL issue, but this issue will also be fixed.

Thanks for the fast answer.

In temporary solution I could imagine escaping characters during the process. However in order to achieve this do you have a list of knowed characters or else to escape ?

We can’t imagine to deploy in productions processes that can have uncatchable error and wait errors to extend the list. (We have 2000+ users)

Plus, how would you do it during the process data ?

Thank you.


The list of valid JS Strings can be found in this link:

I recommend that you wait until the feature is improved or you can contact our support team in Helpdesk if you think this issue is urgent.

Best Regards,