My conditions using IsNull no longer evaluate after upgrading


Ifyou have recently upgrade to 5.1.x from 5.0.38 or 5.0.39 and have noticed that some of your request actions are not moving forward to the next actionas they were prior to theupgrade.


This issue is due to a bug fix in the condition evaluation engine which corrected and changed the behavior of the IsNull function that is used to evaluate null or empty string values for process data of type TEXT.


To resolve this issue, please submit a Help desk ticket for a compatibility check and correction by one of our support assistants.

For all your processes and activities condition definition, use the expression <DATA_TEXT>= instead of IsNull(<DATA_TEXT>) to evaluate if a process data of type TEXT is empty.

Applies To

WorkflowGen release 5.1.x after upgrade from 5.0.38 and 5.0.39