Checkbox list

My section ID is JOB and checkboxlist name is NETWORK_OPTIONS. If I click check in the Option ’ Others’ of NETWORK_OPTIONS ,I want to make the textbox editable.
JOB_NETWORK_OPTIONS.Items[7].Selected = “Others”

Hi @shsu,

The Selected property in a checkboxlist returns true or false.
If Items[7] represents the “Others” option, your condition should only contain:


Another issue I am facing is In work flow. I have check box which is going correctly. But For eg:
a) If JOB.DECISION=YES then I have one flow and b) If JOB.DECISION=YES && JOB.STATUS=YES then need to Close. But always even if b(JOB.DECISION=YES && JOB.STATUS=YES ) is satisfied still the flow is going to a. Always it is rotating in a with out going to close. Kindly advice

Hi @shsu,

Following the Asp.Net properties, if it’s a single checkbox, the value retained by the engine is either True or False and not the option value.
If it’s a checkboxlist, the value retained will be the option values selected (in comma separated values).

Try if (JOB.DECISION=“True” && JOB.STATUS=“True”)


The flow is like below:

There are 3 Engineers.First Engineer completed then it will go second engineer and so on.(<JOB_DECISION>==“YES”) is the condition. Until all the 3 engineers finish I added a syncronization(Wait for completion). If these 3 engineers completed --> will go to the requestor.

Once the requesor finish ,then it will go to enineers.First engineer close then will go to next engineer(<NETWORK_STATUS> == “YES”)
)If all the 3 engineers select close ->then it will close the workflow.

Now my issue is when all the 3 engineers close ,it is going to requestor itself instead of Close.

Is it because I am using synchronization or .(<JOB_DECISION>==“YES”) is still YES when 3 engineer close ?

How to solve this issue. thanks