Button click and checkbox list selection

I have two buttons(Approve ,Reject ) in my section.
I have a check box list also (Approve, Reject with Values ‘YES’ and ‘NO’). so that If user click Approve Button, then automatically Approve check box list must be check, and if user click Reject button, then Reject checkboxlist must be automatically selected.

How can I attain this? I can see only 2 options in button ,readonly, hidden and tried custom attribute of Approve button.
Name of the attribute: onclientclick

but while running, If I click the Approve button, Approve checkbox is not showing as selected.
Thanks in advance

Hi @shsu,

Have you considered using a radiobuttonlist instead of having a combination of buttons and checkboxes?

The onclientclick is expecting a Javascript function and not a VBScript method.
You need to have a value similar to this:

document.getElementById(“CheckboxId”).checked = true;