ADFS configuration timeout issue

When configuring WorkflowGen to work with ADFS, there is a timeout where it needs to re-authenticate and that results to a Redirection Error page on WorkflowGen.

If you leave the window open longer than 60 minutes, WorkflowGen will redirect to authenticate using ADFS and users are faced with a Redirection Error page.

Is there a way to increase the timeout of the authentication token or a fix so that you don’t get redirected to an Error page?


Hi Gabriel,

The redirection issue seems to be a bug, we will investigate this issue and will keep you updated.

As for the session duration, it is possible to extend it by modifying the configuration ApplicationSecurityAuthSessionTimeOut in the wfgen\web.config file. The value is in seconds.

You can find more information on the different configurations for ADFS in this document:


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