Add Two Fields Using the Submit Buttion

I’m trying to add two fields using the submit button. In the code behind, I have…

protected void MySubmitButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) 
        if(CurrentWorkflowActionName == "INITIATE_REQUEST"){
            int total = Int32.Parse(ExtFieldTripRequest_MaleStudentsEligible.Text.ToString()) + Int32.Parse(ExtFieldTripRequest_FemaleStudentsEligible.Text.ToString());
            ExtFieldTripRequest_NoStudentsEligible.Text = total.ToString();

but the ExtFieldTripRequest_NoStudentsEligible.Text field remains blank. Can you tell me if you code is in error? I’m just not sure why this method is not firing.

Hi Andre,

Kindly open a ticket in our Helpdesk system so I can assist you with this issue.

Best Regards,