WorkflowFileUpload 2.3.0

  • #175: NEW - WorkflowFileUpload now has a new property “HasPostedFile” to determine if a new file has been uploaded.

  • #181: NEW - Added new language support for German, Hungarian and Polish.

  • #182: NEW - Support required field validation.

  • #124: UPDATE - Missing custom text property for the “Update” and “Cancel” labels in the update mode.

  • #137: UPDATE - The AllowedExtensions and ForbiddenExtensions properties now uses case insensitive validation.

  • #174: BUG - WorkflowFileUpload is now returning the uploaded filename in the Page_Load event.

  • #185: BUG - WorkflowFileUpload: The control is now properly disabled in the form archive.

  • #186: BUG - Fixed a bug where the last empty row in GridView controls are not removed before saving the form data.