What's the Difference between a "Date" box and a "DateTime" box in form builder?


A department would like clients to give a suggested date and a time that they would like training. I know that the Date box allows for just the date. But I assumed that the DateTime box would have space for the client to input the time but it acts the same way the Date box does.

Are these just the same box with two different names?

Hi Andre,

“Date” and “DateTime” fields are both DateTime objects.
Date is just a DateTime that has a Time of 00:00:00
with DateTime, you can specify the time.

The time needs to be added manually.
The calendar only inputs the date, you can then process by adding the time with the following format HH:mm:ss

For example 1/29/2018 15:30:00

You can make it more user-friendly by creating 3 separate TextBoxes and then merging the values to the DateTime textbox value.

Best Regards,