What is the maximum number of characters of a text field in WorkflowGen?

4000 characters


Is it possible to extend maximum number of characters?

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Hi Marina,

A TEXT data is limited to 4000 characters, and if you want to update this data through a webform TEXT field, you have to limit the field to take only 4000 characters.

A workaround is to create as many TEXT entry fields as needed in the webform (limited to receive up to 4000 characters), but those contents will be saved in different data.

Another possible solution is to put the text in a TEXT file and add it to the webform as attachment. However, this data can not be used in the transition conditions.

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@eddy.daouk Thank you for your quick response.

In that case I would just recommend as a WFG Improvement to show note to Participant that character limit is reached.
An error that our Participant received is not referring to cause of the issue:

It was difficult to figure out what was the problem.

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