What is the best way to represent up to 50 hypothesis sections in a single form?

Each hypothesis section can have up to 30 fields, so GridViews might not be the best solution. Would it be possible to have a button that when pressed will display a new hypothesis section? How would this button be configured? Do I need to create as many hypothesis section as is possible have when designing the form?

You will have 2 sections at the beginning:
On section which is the first section of the form, and another section to place a button so that whenever you click on it a new section will appear. Put a textbox (I wil call it T ) in the same section to count the number of clicks.

In the .Net, in Page Load function, when the page is not a postback, set the value of T to 0.

And whenever you click on the button, make an autopostback to the button_click handler. This handler will increment the value of T by 1.

For each section, check the value of T and hide it accordingly:
Example: Section 2 -> Hide if (T < 1) -> The button is not clicked yet
Section 3 -> Hide if (T < 2) -> Button was either not clicked or clicked only once
Section 4 -> Hide if (T < 3)… etc

Hope this helps.