WorkflowGen.My 2.2.5

  • #112: UPDATE - Removed the Viewstate information in the form archive HTML.

  • #115: UPDATE - Removed all AXD links in the form archive HTML.


  • Please make sure your form archive does not use any WebResource.axd links before upgrading your current web form with this new version.

  • #118: BUG - Required validators were not disabled for a GridView control when we submit the form as draft or the GridView control is read-only/hidden.


  • Form designer: Requires WorkflowGen v5.5.3 update and saving the built-in form again in the form designer.

  • Visual Studio: Use the new SubmitToWorkflow(true) method that supports form submission in draft mode in your draft button.

  • #164: BUG - Fixed a regression behaviour issue when a GridView control is set to read-only by the action’s form fields read-only.

  • #165: BUG - Fixed a repeating CSS styles issue in the form archive HTML.