RESTAPICLIENT request content always empty

When I try to use APP_REQUEST_CONTENT_FILE in a rest api client action, the request content is always empty eventhough the file has content.

I tried using APP_REQUEST_CONTENT instead with the same content in the file and it works. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong.


I am still struggling to understand why the request’s content is empty when I use the APP_REQUEST_CONTENT_FILE parameter.

Is this a bug or something I am doing wrong?


We couldn’t reproduce your issue in WrokflowGen 7.21 with a valid JSON request.

Make sure that the value of your CHANGE_REQUETS_JSON is in a valid JSON format.

If this issue persists, please contact us with a support ticket.


Ah! Thanks! The JSON in my file was an array.

I added the parameter APP_REQUEST_CONTENT_IS_ARRAY with the value Y and it works now.

Thanks for your help.