ProcessRuntime.asmx 500 Internal Server Error

When attempting to access/create a service reference I receive a 500 internal server error. I am following this tutorial:

Invoking a WorkflowGen API using .NET code

Before invoking a WorkflowGen API using .NET code, first verify that you have access to the APIs by doing the following:

  1. Open a new web browser.
  2. Connect to your web service with your WorkflowGen URL: http://yourserver:port/wfgen/ws/ProcessesRuntime.asmx .
  3. Authenticate with your WorkflowGen account.
  4. The above URL will provide you with a list of available web service APIs.

We were able to track down the issue by running the service locally on the server to get a more details error message - had to do with a web config entry. Problem resolved.

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