Problem on the return values of my dll which is of type array of string

In workflowGen I created an “Applications” which is linked to a dll which returns an array of values.
When I want to configure my “Action” with this dll. I have my input parameters “IN” and my return parameter “OUT” is of file type ?? How can I get my values ​​from the array with a file type ???

or how can we test a value in the html of the message

if (<T_RESULTAT_DLLADDROLE>.substring(1,<T_RESULTAT_DLLADDROLE>.indexOf(";")) == "E")
<T_RESULTAT_DLL_TYPE>.= "Erreur lors de l'intégration " + <T_RESULTAT_DLLADDROLE>.substring(<T_RESULTAT_DLLADDROLE>.indexOf(";"),20)
<T_RESULTAT_DLL_TYPE>.= "L'intégration c'est faite " + <T_RESULTAT_DLLADDROLE>.substring(<T_RESULTAT_DLLADDROLE>.indexOf(";"),20)


A data in WorkflowGen can be either Text, Numeric, Date or File type.
If the returned data cannot be identified as a valid data type, the system will put it as a File type by default. An array is not a valid data type, this is why you see the OUT parameter as a File type.

In your case, I would declare the method as a string to have it return a TEXT type.
Then you can return a JSON string or a comma-separated value string instead of an array.

Another solution would be to handle the logic inside the method (dll) and only return the desired response such as “Erreur de l’intégrration” or “L’intégration c’est faite”.

Hope this helps,

Hello thank you for your return. We chose the option you offered by integrating a comma separated value chain. But as it is my end action. At this place I can interpret the return value with the semicolon to send the notifications and how ???

My 1st value lets me know that it will send mail. So a test on the notification <T_RESULTAT_DLLADDROLE> .substring (0,1) == “E”
This works well.

And the 2nd part of the chain. I would like to put it in the body of the mail.
Since the dll launches on my last action, I don’t know how I can retrieve this value. In that it varies.

thank you in advance


Create a TEXT data called RESULTAT
In the notification template, you can place a macro called <WF_PROCESS_INST_RELDATA_VALUE.RESULTAT>

Now we need to populate the data before sending the notification.

You have 2 options:
1- in the same DLL, do the logic to retrieve the desired value and update the process data through the SOAP or GraphQL API:

Then you can send the notification when the action is closed with the appropriate data value.

2- Create a subsequent action (another assembly application) that will get the desired value and return that value to the RESULTAT data and then send a notification when this action is closed.