Is it possible to obtain a single process data from multiple form fields?

Using data bind, if Field1 is found on the global list, then Field2 is auto-populated, but if not, the user is expected to fill out Field3. However, this creates 2 process data (from Field2 and Field3) diminishing our reporting abilities. As an example, if Fields 2 and 3 refer to a Customer’s name, in every report there will be 2 columns called ‘Customer name’, depending on whether the customer was found on the global list or not, and obtaining business reports from this is problematic.

Any recommendation on how to solve this is welcome.

Currently, even though Field2 is auto-populated we are asking users to fill out Field3 anyway, in order to have a single ‘Customer Name’ column the reports.


Can you not just map Field3 to the single process data?
If Field1 is found on the global list, then Field2 and Field 3 are auto-populated (you can hide field 3 if this needs not to eb shown to user).
If Field2 is not found on the global list, then Field3 is expected to be filled by user (you can hide field 2)

Hi Kevin, thanks for your response. However, I tried doing this without success.

Just to make sure I understood right, did you mean setting the ‘Value In’ of Field 3 to bring the process data generated by Field 2? I think this didn’t work because all fields are within the same action, I’m assuming Field 2 only generates process data when the action is submitted. (and so, if Fields 2 and 3 were in different actions I’m sure Field 3 would default to Field 2’s value)

Any further help would be really appreciated.


Hi Ricardo,

If Field 2 and 3 represent the same thing, why don’t you use only one field?
If Field 1 is found -> auto populate Field 2, otherwise manually fill Field 2.
I don’t see why there is a need of Field 3.


What I meant was the following:

On the form you have Field1, Field2 and Field3 at the same action.
Field1 is the control field to check if its value is found in the global list.
So if Field1 on global list = TRUE

  • set Field2 = visible
  • set Field3 = hidden
  • Field2 value auto-populated
  • set Field3 value = Field2

if Field1 on global list = FALSE

  • set Field2 = hidden
  • set Field3 = visible
  • set Field2 value = “”
  • expect user to manually enter value for Field3

Hence you final output is always Field3 and you map Field3 to process data for your report

Hi Eddy,

That’s exactly what I can’t figure out how to do, and that’s why I’ve added Field 3.

Field 2 is a drop-down field that auto-populates if the data entered in Field 1 is found on the global list, but if not found then Field 2 becomes blank and no items appear on the drop-down.

I’m not a programmer and so I’m trying to figure this out with out of the box tools.


Hi Kevin, sorry, this might be a dumb question but… how can I set Field 3 value = Field 2? I don’t know how to code, but is this done in a simple way?

Hi Ricardo,

Kindly open a new ticket on Helpdesk. We’ll help you achieve what you need.