How to Improve WorkflowGen performance?

  • Use the local IIS SMTP server to manage WorkflowGen notifications

  • Check that the SMTP server name is quickly resolved by your DNS, if not use an IP address or “localhost” if you are using a local SMTP server.

  • Install the database server (SQL or Oracle) on a different machine than the Web server

  • Limit the number of process data: keep only data used in conditions , important to be displayed and used as search criteria

  • Limit the number of results returned in the end user module lists to 50 (Config/Number of records displayed in pages lists)

  • Limit the number of results returned in the portal home page to 50 (Config/Maximum number of records into home page list)

  • When the end-user completes an action, do not return automatically to the portal home page (Config/Once an action is completed)

  • If you are using the portlet module, put into place a caching system when integrating your portal

  • If you have a large number of requests and users, it would be a good idea to replicate your WorkflowGen database on another server for your  statistics and reports, so that you don’t strain your production server

  • Synchronize with WorkflowGen only potentially active users and groups. Use the text connector to synchronize a filtered list of users and groups

  • Check the performances of your Web services and other integration queries (SQL queries, function calls and proceeding)

  • Deactivate the Comments feature if not needed