How to hide/display different section of the form in the Form Archive?

In order to do this, you need to override the WorkflowPage ChangeFormArchiveLayout() method. If you want even more flexibility on the form archive creation, you can override the GetFormArchive() method. This method has to return a string containing the HTML of the form archive.

For more information, see Form archive management in the WorkflowGen Web Forms for Visual Studio Developer Guide.

Hi @eddy.daouk,

In one of our processes, after Initiate action, several actions are launched at the same time - they are parallelly being completed.
Once the request is completed, in the Form Archive, I can see only Initiate section and section of the last action completed. What should I do to ensure that all sections (or specific sections) of completed actions are visible in the Form Archive?

It happens that we need to see information filled out in specific section, but we cannot do that.

Could you please help me with this?
Thank you,


Hi @marinam,

Note that the form archive always contains the latest copy of the form submitted, if you want to see all sections, your last action should display all the sections you want to see. Is that the case?

Hi @eddy.daouk,

By process design, in all actions that are being completed in parallel, only Requester’s Initial and Participant’s sections are visible. E.g. IT HelpDesk will see only Initial section (read only) and its own IT HelpDesk section. All other parallel participants sections are hidden.

So when I open Form Archive, I see only Initial section and section from Participant who last completed the action.

What we would like to have is one Form Archive that will show Initial section and two parallel participants sections (IT Help Desk and InfoSec). Is that possible?

Thank you!

Hi @marinam,

What you can do is use code behind instead of the Behavior to show/hide sections.

When the page loads, you can show/hide the appropriate sections. And when the user submits, you can call a custom submitbutton event to show all desired sections. This way, whenever the system tries to generate the FORM_ARCHIVE file, you’ll see all sections that were hidden until the submit button got clicked.

You can use something like this to hide/show sections:

SECTION_ID.Visible = true;

Hope this helps.