How to change the display order of full names in lists

You can change the order of how full names are displayed in lists by editing culture resource files.

For example, to change the display order from the default firstname lastname order to lastname firstname for the en-US culture (e.g. John Smith to Smith John):

  1. Make a copy of the \wfgen\App_GlobalResources\Advantys.Workflow.Web.UI.Portal.resx file.

  2. Rename the copy as Advantys.Workflow.Web.UI.Portal.en-US.resx.

  3. Open Advantys.Workflow.Web.UI.Portal.en-US.resx in a text editor.

  4. Locate the data with the name FullNamePattern, change its value from {0} {1} to {1} {0}.

  5. Locate the data with the name FullNameOrderPattern, {0},{1} to {1},{0}.

    Note: In this case, the full name order pattern will affect the display order in user lists by sorting by last name then by first name.

  6. Save the file.


<data name="FullNamePattern" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>{0} {1}</value>
<data name="FullNameOrderPattern" xml:space="preserve">

would become

<data name="FullNamePattern" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>{1} {0}</value>
<data name="FullNameOrderPattern" xml:space="preserve">


  • Steps 1, 2, and 3 are applicable to the en-US culture only; other supported cultures already have their resource files provided.

  • This change is per culture, so if you have users using the fr-FR or en-GB cultures, then you must make the changes directly in those specific culture resource files as well.

  • You can also make the same changes to the culture resource files for the administration, directory, and reporting modules:

    • Advantys.Workflow.Web.UI.Administration.en-US.resx

    • Advantys.Directories.Web.UI.Administration.en-US.resx

    • Advantys.Workflow.Web.UI.Reports.en-US.resx

  • The changes will affect all lists that display the names of users for the specific module.