How to call Web API and set result as Data for use in process steps

I am trying to call a custom built Web API as an Application from inside my workflow. It is failing in two areas:

  1. I am unable to pass a parameter to my Web API

  2. I am unable to set the return value to data in my workflow

Let’s start with #2 above and come back to #1 later:
My custom API returns a payload that looks like this:

My Application is set up like this:
URL: http://server/getemail/api/users/getemail/
Type: Web Procedure
Content Type: application/json
Conext Format: JSON

I created a process step in my workflow that calls the Application as defined above and I tried to configure the process step to take the EMAILADDRESS parameter from the API and set it to a Data parameter called MANAGEREMAIL.

The issue right now is that the MANAGEREMAIL data never gets filled.
The process step that calls the API succeeds (no errors) but the data does not get filled.

I am not sure where the break is?
If we can work through this then we can try to work through the first issue of not being able to SEND a parameter to my Web API.


Hi @jason.smith,

Please open a ticket in our Helpdesk site so we can investigate this issue.


@eddy.daouk How do I access the help desk site? What is the URL?