How can I send repeating to do notification on particular day?

How can I send repeating “to do” notification on some particular day in every week (e.g. Tuesday)?
In this particular case, Manager wants to receive reminder every Tuesday to check if payment is made.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Marina,

You can create an additional Overdue event notification and add a condition.
The condition is written in VBScript. And in version 7.5 and higher, the condition can also be written in JavaScript.

For VBScript, you can use the function Weekday()

In your case, Tuesday is equivalent to 3 so the following condition should work:

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Will that notification repeat every Tuesday, or just be fired on the first applicable Tuesday?

In an earlier thread it says that a notification entry will only be sent once, but it is from '06 so wondering if that changed in a later version.

“WorkflowGen will send only one email per overdue notification, even though an overdue event condition may evaluate to true every time the WfgWorkflowEngineService Windows service is run and the notification management task is executed.”

I was looking to see if I could create a repeating notification, possibly using modulo logic.