GraphQL requires waking up of Workflow service

We have tested out GraphQL implementation and we realize that from time to time the GraphQL query will fail with error message saying “Workflow Service is not started”. Example:

If you reload the page (wfgen/graphQL), this message will be gone.
It is an expected behavior to have the WFG service to wake up (after it has been idled for a while)?

Hi Kevin,

This is a known issue that is fixed in version 7.7.0 and later of WorkflowGen. Which version are you currently using?


We tested it in v7.8 and v7.9

The solution to this issue was to go in wfgen\graphql\config.production.js, and double the value of the configuration maxOperationsRetries (40) or operationRetryDelay (400). For example:

maxOperationRetries: process.env.GraphqlMaxOperationRetries ? parseInt(process.env.GraphqlMaxOperationRetries) : 20,
operationRetryDelay: process.env.GraphqlOperationRetryDelay ? parseInt(process.env.GraphqlOperationRetryDelay) : 400