GraphQL & incoming webhooks: Input file allowed folders

You can configure the local or remote folder paths where files used by FILE type parameters are located using the Input file allowed folders setting In the GraphQL and/or Webhooks sections on the Configuration Panel Integration tab. (Alternately, you can add the folder names separated by commas to the GraphqlInputFileAllowedFolders or HooksInputFileAllowedFolders parameter in the WorkflowGen web.config file.)

Note: When using file uploads, you don’t need to include the original file folder.

You can disallow input file allowed folders by leaving this field empty (or the parameter undefined).

To allow certain folders only, enter comma-separated values according to the table below.

Note: Allowing certain folders only is available as of WorkflowGen version 7.16.0 for GraphQL and as of version 7.15.0 for incoming webhooks.

Value Description
Empty No folders allowed
* All folders allowed
c:\* All folders on drive c:
c:\Inetpub\* All subfolders in a specific folder
c:\Inetpub\folder* All c:\Inetpub folders whose names start with folder , e.g.:
  • c:\Inetpub\folder1
  • c:\Inetpub\folder1\abc
  • c:\Inetpub\folder2
c:\Inetpub\folder2\abc\def Specific folder only