GraphQL & incoming webhooks: File upload management parameters

As of WorkflowGen version 7.10.0, if you’re using incoming webhooks or GraphQL to upload files when starting a new request or completing an action, you must specify allowed folders and the maximum input file content size.

You can do this by filling in the Input file allowed folders and Maximum input file content size (kB) fields in the GraphQL and/or Webhooks sections on the Configuration Panel Integration tab.

Alternately, you can set these by modifying the values of the GraphqlFileInputAllowedFolders, HooksFileInputAllowedFolders, GraphqlMaxInputFileContentSize, and HooksMaxInputFileContentSize configuration parameters (located in the web.config file) with the appropriate values.

Input file allowed folders

The Input file allowed folders field(s) (or the GraphqlFileInputAllowedFolders and/or HooksFileInputAllowedFolders parameters) should contain the physical paths of folders (separated by commas) that contain files used in uploads.

See the GraphQL & incoming webhooks: Input file allowed folders article for more information, including how to allow certain folders only.

Maximum input file content size

The GraphqlMaxInputFileContentSize and HooksMaxInputFileContentSize parameters should contain the maximum file size in kilobytes when uploading files using the file content method.

Note: We recommend limiting the file content size to small files under 1 megabyte.