Global lists: How to insert items from the Workflow or from an external application?

Is it possible to insert new Global list items from a Workflow or an external application ?

We do not provide a solution yet.
A web service API and a new worfkow action will be provided in the future.

In the meantime you can export the data in an external database table which can be databound to a global list.

Is this possible yet? It would be so much easier if a Workflow could update a Global List

Hi David,

This is still not achievable using the Web service API. But Global lists are data stored in the WorkflowGen database, so you can always update the global list by updating the tables WFLIST and WFLIST_ITEMS

For WFLIST, make sure to increment NB_ITEMS each time you add a new item
For WFLIST_ITEMS make sure to always take the MAX(DISP_ORDER) + 1 each time you add a new item.