Global List - Sharepoint List Bind

Is there an example/instruction on how one might be able to connect to a Sharepoint list using the Global List? In an earlier versions doco (think version 5) there was reference to a Sharepoint list tab/option i can remember seeing in the Global List. Cant see anything like this with version 7.8.

Hi Craig,

I don’t know if there is a way to bind a Sharepoint list directly to a Global List. We have a script that saves the Sharepoint list to a database table. Then we set up the global list with a SQL Databind. The list isn’t updated very often so we run an update script once weekly.

I’d be interested to know if there’s a way to connect to a Sharepoint list directly. We’re currently running v 6.1 but will be updating to v 7.8 soon.

Hi Joanne, thanks for the reply. I can see how your suggestion above would work and may have to go down this route. The issue I will have is the workflow form contains drop down lists and the data in them dynamically changes frequently. I have now found that the data tab option for the drop down list does have reference to SharePoint, but it is greyed out for me and not an accessible option. I really need to be able to reference the SharePoint lists in real-time.

Hi Craig,

WorkflowGen no longer includes built-in support for SharePoint. The solution would be to retrieve the SharePoint list in the code-behind of the web form (the page load event, for example) then bind it to the specific control. This would require some programming knowledge in ASP.NET development, though.