Git repository to share custom code

Is there any “official client” repository (GIT or anything similar) where we can share custom code ?

I’m working in IT department for my company and I developped few tools for workflowgen. Some of these tools can be usefull for other people.

I have the authorisation to share the associated code… but I don’t know where to share it.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

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Hello Guys !
Sorry to mention you in this thread but this topic is for official workflowgen team.

I hope everything is fine for you.

Best regards.

Hello @nvarlet,

We have set up a new public repository: GitHub - advantys/workflowgen-community: WorkflowGen community repository
You can fork the repository, pushing your items to the forked repository, and then do a pull request on the workflowgen-community repository.

We will also add samples to this repository.


Hello !
Very good news !!
Thanks for your answer !