Docker Custom WorkflowGen Image

Is the advantys/workflowgen:7.15.5-win-ltsc2016-onbuild version compatible to the design of WorkflowGen 7.8?

More Information: We are planning to create a docker custom image referencing advantys/workflowgen:7.15.5-win-ltsc2016-onbuild. We are currently using Workflowgen 7.8 through IIS. Is it possible to create a docker image from config and dll files used in Workflowgen 7.8?

The file structure is as follows:

				+ other folders used in WorkflowGen 7.8
	Program Files
						bunch of dll files

The goal would to use Workflowgen 7.8 through a docker container the same way we use it through IIS. Currently copying and pasting the Workflowgen 7.8 files causes a database connection issue(the database does not block traffic and i can call it inside another container and do a query with no issues). Our assumption is that there might be a mismatch with the reference version and the files we provide.

So, the questions :

  1. Can we base an image off advantys/workflowgen:7.15.5-win-ltsc2016-onbuild but use the same config files and folders in Workflowgen 7.8?

  2. Is the database configuration different in advantys/workflowgen:7.15.5-win-ltsc2016-onbuild version compared to Workflowgen 7.8?

Thank You,
Thomas L

Hi Thomas,

The onbuild image variant is specifically designed for the customization of WorkflowGen specific to a version. It is not designed for what you want to do and there are quite a few key changes that will make this very difficult.

The way to go while waiting for the official support of Docker for older releases of WorkflowGen is to clone our soon-to-be public Github repository ( that groups the Dockerfiles for each currently supported version of WorkflowGen with Docker. You can then take those Dockerfiles as a starting point for your installation of the 7.8. Keep in mind that some functionalities may not work as intended because some changes has been made to the 7.15 and 7.16 specifically for the support of Docker.

The repository will be available at the 7.16 launch which is scheduled for early next week. Stay tuned for a forum announcement.


Thank you for the quick reply.