Generate notification content based on process data

Is there a way to control content of notification based on value of process data. e
x. if a Process data value is YES then I want a certain section/para in the notification to appear vs when it is NO


As a standard feature, it is not possible because the content of notification is based on a static template file (either built-in templates or the file value of a FILE process data) when used in the notification tab of an action.

If you want to send dynamically generated notification content then you might have to create a custom SDK action that generates the notification content based on your business logic with your process data as IN parameter.

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This may be simplistic but couldn’t you just create two different email templates and two notifications? One notification could be based on a YES response and the other a NO response.

Actually, you can use the value of a macro or process data to populate part of the content of a notification.

So my original comment about static notification content is not entirely true. it’s just that you cannot run business rules to generate the content of a notification using standard features.

Combining your solution above and populating the content with process data value offers a better control of the notification content output.