File INOUT parameter value

When passing a FILE parameter INOUT, the value of the formdata field after the FillFormData is NOT the filename, but a generated name in the format {IS_DATASET}-{NUM_VALUE}.xlsx.


So, if I upload a file named TestExcel.xlsx in a first action, it will be overwritten by that new file name in the second action. Am I missing something or is this by design? How do I assure that the file’s name is not changed to the new name?


You can see the file in the EFormAspx folder. Shouldn’t be the VALUE_FILE_NAME instead of this format?


Hi Gabriel,

How can you display your attachment in the second action ?
And do you use the default attachment control ?

When you set a file as IN parameter the name used is the real filename not ID.

Can you open ticket in our helpdesk to investigate this issue ?


I display the value that is in the form data xml after a FillFormData.
I use a simple input of type file.

I’ll do more testing and open a ticket.

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