Different date information on the form archive and in the follow up form


We noticed that follow up form is showing different date from date entered in the form (1 day ahead).
Data element is Date/Time data type, Culture is User’s Culture, TimeZone is Arizona.

Could you please help us to resolve this issue?
Thank you in advance,
Marina Stefanovic

Hi @marinam,

I believe your issue is related to this:

Let me know if this helps,

Thank you @eddy.daouk. I implemented time zone change (set GMT for data element) and added custom attribute for the field. Now it is working well, it is showing the same info in the follow up form and in the form archive.
But now another issue appeared. Lead time of the activities is set by that data element. And now, time limits of these activities in the follow up form are set one day BEFORE date listed in the field. And it should be on that date, not day before. Is there any resolution on that?

Thank you,

Hi @marinam,

I would create a hidden Date field that adds one day to the indicated GMT day (in code behind) and use that new data as a Lead time.


Thank you Eddy. I managed to resolve the issue.

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