Create a direct link to a process instead of just to portal home page

A direct link to a process is being requested to use on our organization’s intranet staff page instead of just linking to our Workflow Gen portal home page. Is this possible?



For anyone who reads this, I kept searching the online documentation and found the answer at


Hi James,

I believe what you are looking for are WorkflowGen URLs.

To launch a process directly from a link or URL, use the example below. The parameters the URL uses are as follows:

Parameter Description
YOURSITE The site where WorkflowGen is installed
QUERY The task WorkflowGen will attempt to run, e.g. START
P The process name that WorkflowGen will attempt to run, e.g. CLUB_CS_LEAVE


You can use this URL in an iframe and it will load in your intranet site.

Here is a complete documentation of WorkflowGen URLs if you need more information:

Best Regards,