Can a user delegate their forms to more than one person for the same date range?


Can a user delegate forms to more than one person for the same date range? I thought it was possible but in this example a user, Kevin G, delegated all forms to Mark P and only one form to Josh W (see attached file). However when Mark P tries to access any of the forms that were delegated to him he receives an access error message.


Were you able to find the cause of this or a solution to it?




No, since all forms had been delegated to Mark but only the B_P_NUMBER_REQUEST had been delegated to Josh, the only thing that I can think of that could have happened is that Josh opened one of the B_P_NUMBER_REQUEST forms to approve and Mark tried to access the form Josh has opened. Mark, however, told me he was unable to access any of the forms delegated to him. At this point I’m sure not what happened.

Are you asking because you’ve run into a similar issue?


Sorry it took so long for me to respond. Believe I asked at the time not because the same problem was happening for us but just wanted to know if it was possible to delegate that way.




Hi @james,

This functionality is in the roadmap but it is not implemented yet and there is no ETA. at the moment