WorkflowGen Plus v1 sign-in and authentication


Depending on how your WorkflowGen administrator has configured sign-in and authentication, you can sign into the WorkflowGen Plus mobile app on your iOS or Android device using the Azure Active Directory, Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 2016, Auth0, or Okta OpenID Connect (OIDC) compliant authentication methods, or classic authentication methods.

For instructions on how to generate a universal link to simplify the login process for your users, see the Generating a universal link for WorkflowGen Plus v1 topic.

Using Azure Active Directory

To sign into Azure Active Directory, tap Microsoft Azure AD, then enter the Microsoft Azure AD Tenant ID, the WorkflowGen Plus client App ID, and the WorkflowGen server address. Tap Continue. A window will open for you to choose and sign into your Azure account.

Using AD FS 2016

To sign in using AD FS 2016, tap Microsoft AD FS and enter your Microsoft AD FS domain, your WorkflowGen Plus Client App ID, and your WorkflowGen Server Address, then tap Continue.

Using Auth0

To sign in using Auth0, tap Auth0 and enter your Auth0 Client App ID, your Auth0 Domain, and your Auth0 Audience, then tap Continue.

Using Okta

To sign in using Okta, tap Okta and enter your Okta Client App ID, your Okta Metadata Url, and your okta Audience, then tap Continue.

Using Classic authentication methods

When you open the WorkflowGen Plus app, tap Microsoft AD, WorkflowGen, or Custom for classic username/password authentication methods.

  • Use Microsoft AD for Basic authentication or Windows Integrated authentication

  • Use WorkflowGen for applicative authentication.

  • Use Custom if you’re using custom HTTP module authentication.

I cannot Sign in the application. I always receive the message “The provided username or password is incorrect”

I am using Windows Authentication. Is there a configuration missing somewhere?


Do you have this error on the Android or IOS version?
Have you tried to connect with the domain name before your username?
Do the GraphQL API is configured and running on the WorkflowGen server?

I opened a ticket with your support. But to answer your questions: ISO version, Yes, Yes